BIOLOGISCH delicious

"BIOLOGISCH Catering for schools & nurseries" shows that healthy meals can really taste good.

Our feel both for the culinary preferences of children and trendy food – enhanced by wholesome products – ensures that there is something for every taste.



  • BIOLOGISCH offers attractive, diverse menus.
  • Everyday there are two to three wholesome meals, of which one is always vegetarian.
  • When meals with pork are offered, there is generally also an alternative with poultry or beef.
  • Our menu is changed every month and the meals are repeated every six to eight weeks at the earliest.


when creating the BIOLOGISCH menu, we comply with the current DGE-Quality standards for catering for schools and nurseries. This is why you will find on the menu:

  •  abundant grain products, potatoes and rice, fresh salads, vegetables and pulses,
  •  frequent low-fat milk and milk products,
  •  mostly low-fat meat as well as
  •  sea fish once a week.
  •  salads and raw vegetables form an integral part of our menus at least twice a week. These can also be ordered on a daily basis.


BIOLOGISCH often offers new actions, as, say, part of seasonal theme days.

sample menus