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Providing exquisite stand catering shows you are a quality host and should therefore be planned just as meticulously as the rest of your trade fair appearance.

Our experienced trade fair pros at FPS CATERING will help you plan the perfect catering tailored to your individual stand – is finger food the best solution, or should you serve a warm lunch? We will take all relevant aspects into account – including stand architecture, number of guests expected and internal logistics – and coordinate all factors to come up with the best solution.

Our extensive range of food gives us the flexibility we need: how about a combination of delicacies served in swing-top jars plus wraps or fresh and hot paninis as a time-saving lunch? A cost-effective and clever alternative to the classic “lunch buffet” and just one of countless possibilities.
The aim always remains the same: turning the visit of your trade fair guests into a thoroughly satisfying experience.




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Organically produced food from regional suppliers form the backbone of our business. In times of factory farming and GM crops, we promise our customers to serve nothing but the best. We will always remain true to our company philosophy – quality knows no compromise!

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All our food is prepared from scratch in our kitchens in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, only 5 minutes away from the exhibition grounds. Our refrigerated vehicles deliver the freshly prepared food to your trade fair stand – quickly, safely and without interrupting the all-important cold chain.

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Thanks to our clear product recipes, we can inform you about all ingredients. With your order confirmation, you automatically receive a list of the food you ordered including a list of all declarable ingredients and allergens – this way, you’ll always be on the safe side.

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Our many years of experience in the field of trade fair catering ensures optimum efficiency and guarantees a quick delivery of the freshly prepared food without interrupting the cold chain.

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Our service staff has been professionally trained to interact with guests, is charming and has a pleasant and smart appearance. With their impeccable service, our trade fair hostesses will ensure your guests feel well cared for.

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Since FPS CATERING is located in direct proximity to the exhibition grounds, we have a real home advantage – should you have any extra requirements, or should you wish to place any additional orders at short notice, we can react quickly and without any fuss.