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Trade fair crews need to be mentally and physically top fit in order to be able to give their best every single day throughout the entire trade fair – which can last up to 14 days. Artificial light, constant background noise and extended periods of standing demand endurance and stamina.

With a balanced, healthy and fresh crew catering, you will not only motivate your team, but also reduce the number of staff dropping out due to overexertion or illness, saving you the hassle of finding replacements. Light meals, fresh snacks and little refreshments are what characterise fun and healthy crew catering.

By using only balanced and fresh ingredients, we facilitate a quick regeneration of the body and mind. Our wholesome meals and snacks don’t stress the body – instead, they resupply the energy it needs. Fresh juices and smoothies provide a great vitamin boost.

The trade fair pros at FPS CATERING know from experience which foods and drinks are best suited to mastering a busy trade fair day. Our trade fair team would be happy to help you work out a customised crew catering deal, taking into account important aspects such as space requirements, kitchen logistics and working hours.




  • Fewer dropouts and sick notes
  • Improved motivation
  • Better performance 
  • Longer periods of concentration
  • Increased physical stamina
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