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Madame Quiche

Done like the good old days.

Offer your guests the unmistakable taste of traditional French recipes, baked true to the original and lovingly presented "en miniature".

Whether as finger food for your stand party or as a warm snack for lunch, these little works of art of taste will delight you with their wonderful combination of delicately crispy, handmade puff pastry and deliciously aromatic filling - four times pure quiche pleasure!

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 Quiche Saumon

"Salmon bites" of a special kind

Appetizing puff pastry wraps a finely spiced filling of delicious smoked salmon, aromatically refined with freshly chopped dill. Close your eyes and with the first bite you will hear the sea roar. 

Quiche Poire

Taste experience without compromises

For friends of extraordinary taste compositions, the meeting of fruity pear and creamy, spicy gorgonzola is an experience - embedded in the delicate dough of a delicious quiche all the more so.


Quiche Légume

Weekly market visit for the palate

A delicious stuffing of hearty vegetables, perfectly seasoned with freshly chopped parsley: discover an intense interplay of delicious aromas that will delight not only vegetarians.


Quiche Lorraine

A "classic" with cult character

The original: the original "Lorraine bacon cake" reinterpreted according to a traditional recipe that has been handed down - you have never enjoyed this classic in this way. Suitable for traditionalists as well as trendsetters.

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