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You are the organiser of a school canteen or refectory?

You are faced with the problem of registering and paying for the meals or controlling the serving of the food?

You are looking for a professional, proven and comfortable solution?



Via an internet website, the school pupils register (using a password) for meals for any period of time, for their favourite menu or for specific days. Here it also possible to change the meals ordered or cancel the booking.



In a refectory, there is a display and control computer equipped with a barcode scanner. From a practical perspective, the normal pupil ID card can be used as a personal chip card. This is held in front of the scanner and the serving staff immediately sees the order and its status.




The canteen administration has complete online access to all applications, bookings and all settings, such as prices, types of menu, etc. The database system is extremely flexible and simple to use.




t the end of the month, the administration creates the direct debits (it takes only three clicks), which can then be sent online to the bank. No further effort is required.


Your benefits

  • Convenient ordering online
  • Flexibly bookable on a daily basis
  • Simple activation by school ID
  • Central and flexible account managing online
  • Transparently chargeable on a monthly basis