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FPS Catering was the first catering company to be organically certified in the Rhine-Main region – and still is today.


  • EC Organic Certificate (DE-ÖKO-007, Control No.: D-HE-007-05283-B)
  • Organic farming
  • No chemical-synthetic pesticides used
  • Severely restricted use of artificial additives, taste enhancers and artificial flavourings
  • Only products without genetic engineering
  • Regional suppliers
  • Fruit and vegetables in Demeter and Bioland quality
  • Reliability and transparency through regular controls


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1 Where precisely do the products come from?

Examples of our local (fresh) suppliers and regional quality partners are available here. If you have any specific questions on individual products in relation to their origin and manufacturer, our contact partners will be delighted to answer them at any time.

2 Isn’t there some sort of organic logo on all packaging these days?

This is true and – from our perspective – counterproductive. This is why we check very carefully what logo, seal or certificate we use to label our products. At FPS Catering, you will only find state-approved and/or professional qualified labels, which feature unequivocal marks of quality and are transparent and understandable. Furthermore, our experts are personally available to provide any detailed information required.

3 Does organic automatically mean EXPENSIVE?

That is not the case. What is true is that compliance with specific quality standards often involves foregoing the “cheapest” shopping option as a matter of course. The current range of “discount foods” on offer is too great. This is why these days, wholesome and good food can therefore unfortunately never be the “cheapest price” in large-scale production, but is nevertheless available at favourable conditions.

4 Does organic mean that children never get chips or pizzas?

Certainly not. "BIOLOGISCH Catering for schools & nurseries" shows that healthy food can be really tasty and takes into account the culinary preferences of children for trendy food. Enhanced by wholesome products, our offer provides something for every taste.

5 Do I have to give my child dinner money everyday?

No, registering and ordering can be conveniently done any time online. Settlement takes place on a convenient cashless basis at the end of the month. More details on ordering and the invoicing process are available here.

6 Where can I see what my child gets to eat?

We post our menus for the current and coming week both online on our website and in our app. This way, you are always up to date!

7 How do I order anti-allergenic meals – isn’t it complicated?

Not at all. If your child has any kind of food intolerance, you can quite simply and conveniently order an appropriate anti-allergenic meal. The dish is separately cooked, packaged, transported and labelled. Safety you can rely on!