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Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB

FPS CATERING has been rewarded in 2013 for the first time for his exemplary action in relation to "environmental protection, employee responsibility and economic efficiency" with the award "Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB". We are the first catering company in the Rhein-Main-Area and, next to Dallmayr Catering, the only catering company in Germany that this allowed to display this award.

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In a pilot project, FAMAB, Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V., together with the two established partners CO2OL and Viabono, has developed industry standards for sustainable business in live communication. According to these standards, companies are screened for all aspects of sustainable action on the basis of a comprehensive catalogue of criteria and can carry the above-mentioned seal after passing the test.

The terms "sustainability" or "sustainability" today are used to describe projects or actions that are

1. environmentally friendly/environmentally friendly,
2. fair and responsible for employees, suppliers, partners, customers and guests, and
3. on the long-term economic development of the company

laid out.

Sustainability is a central concept in our value system and, as a guiding principle of our corporate principles, is at the centre of all activities at FPS CATERING.




As a confirmation of our commitment, we have subjected ourselves to the strict requirements of the independent certification bodies "CO2OL" and "VIABONO" and will have this examination repeated regularly in the future. Examples of our activities, for which we are now entitled to carry the "Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB" award, are

Use of organically produced food
Seasonal and regional shopping
● TParticipation in the campaign "Thursday is Veggie Day" of the German Vegetarian Association
Abstention from genetically modified food
Avoidance of convenience products, artificial flavours and flavour enhancers
Avoidance of storage times
Utilisation of food waste in a biogas plant
Operation of the production with 100% green electricity from hydropower
Improved energy balance through new thermal insulation at the production site
Individual working time models
Expansion of cooperation with regional partners

For our customers, guests, suppliers, partners and employees, we will continue to expand and deepen our existing sustainability activities so that FPS CATERING GMBH & CO. KG will continue to focus on "quality delivered" in all areas in the future

Sustainability Certificate 2018

You can find our current Sustainability Report 2018 here: Sustainability Report