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You should leave nothing to chance when providing your business partners with culinary delights. Our business catering experts know exactly what is important and keep your back free with competent and professional planning and handling.

This already begins with the commissioning: Let one of our experts advise you personally or simply put together your own business catering online - just as you wish. You can then confidently leave everything else to us: We ask the right questions, clarify all necessary points in advance and guarantee a smooth event on the day of the event with punctual delivery, speedy set-up and service as well as subsequent dismantling and removal.

Let our products inspire you and choose - depending on the occasion, location and objective - your individual pleasure experience. We are of course at your side from the very first moment and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the FPS "LIEFERKÜCHE".


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From finger food to buffet

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Hot or cold enjoyment.

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Glasses, cutlery, etc.

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Tables, chairs and equipment.

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According to your motto

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Kitchen and service personnel

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Precise delivery à la minute

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1 Is there a minimum order value?

Our minimum order value on weekdays and Saturdays is 70,00 Euro net (food only) per delivery.

2 Can you also order for Sundays?

We are closed on Sundays and therefore do not accept orders for this day.

3 Can I also order online?

From now on this can be done comfortably and time-saving very easily thanks to the "FPS Lieferküche“. At fps-lieferkueche.de, our online assortment offers you a wide selection of fresh dishes that you can put together individually according to taste and occasion.

4 What are the order acceptance times?

For your order we need an order lead time of 2 days. This means that you order e.g. Monday until 3 pm, then the delivery on Wednesday takes place from 8 am. We accept orders for Saturday and Monday until 3 pm on Thursday.

This deadline only applies to food and drinks from the delivery kitchen catalogue - for personnel and equipment we ask for a longer lead time.

Changes to an order can only be made to the quantity, not to the articles. There can be no exchange of dishes or buffets.

Number of participants: The number of guests indicated by you is binding from 5 working days before the event.

5 What are the transport costs?

We charge € 25,00 for the journey in the city area on weekdays. For deliveries within the city area on weekends the flat rate is € 35.00. Costs for picking up the equipment within the city area on the same day or on a desired date are € 30.00, on weekends € 50.00*. From a buffet delivery with two or more warm components, set-up costs of € 10.00 will be charged at a flat rate. For additional deliveries, such as equipment and/or furniture, transport as well as assembly and dismantling will be charged according to actual expenditure.

*For deliveries outside the delivery area we charge € 1.80 per kilometre driven.

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  • Best quality: organically produced food from regional suppliers
  • Guaranteed freshness through delivery directly after production
  • In-house production in 24-hour operation
  • 4,000 sqm big kitchen at the headquarters in Frankfurt-Fechenheim
  • Business consulting team with years of expertise
  • Order 2 working days in advance (order until 3 pm two days before delivery. Except order Friday = delivery Tuesday).