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We focus on quality and sustainability and have been since over 60 years!

As a successful company with a long-time tradition we feel especially obliged to the future of society and nature. Therefore quality and sustainability also play a very important role for us in the area of company gastronomy. Organic cultivated food from local suppliers is the basis of our purchasing guidelines. The sparing use of natural resources is and will remain an indispensable part of our daily activities.

We mostly use organic and fair trade products. So we not only ensure the purity of food and support fair trade producers but also put our ideas of sustainability into a perceptible service. We ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions with regional producers and our suppliers by short delivery ways and low cost packaging. This suggests a positive effect on our energy balance.


Our head office in Frankfurt Fechenheim is supplied with green electricity from 100% water energy because we want to set an example of sustainability and interact as a role model. Therefore we commit ourselves also with great care to the resources such as water, electricity and gas provided by our customers.

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