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Our recipe for success: our home-made, fresh and varied dishes.

But in addition to the food itself, a contemporary and appealing range of dishes also requires innovative food planning.

We are guided in our planning of the range of dishes by the recommendations of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (DGE) (German Society of Nutrition). What's more, our food planning is based on the following conditions:

no dish may be repeated within 6 weeks
● the seasonal range of vegetables, herbs (green sauce) and fruit (e.g. strawberries, asparagus) must be considered as an integral part of food planning
● regional events such as public holidays or vents in Frankfurt (e.g. Wäldchestag) need to be considered as a priority
● cross-regional or international public holidays and events should be taken into account (Christmas, Easter, sports events)
● every year there are at least 10 action weeks, of which at least 2 BBQ weeks (we barbecue fresh on site for you) and 1 low-carb week (main dishes without garnishes high in carbohydrates).
● there is at least 1 dish containing meat or fish and 1 vegetarian or vegan dish every day.
● there is at least 1 FPS VEGGIEDAY every month
● at least twice a month, there is an FPS 100% NATURAL vegan dish (instead of the vegetarian dish)
● we check regularly the response to our dishes and replace dishes that are no longer contemporary for new ones. We indicate this specially on the menus.

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At our central production plant on Ferdinand-Porsche-Strasse in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, we make, in addition to the main dishes fresh, independently prepared pastries, salads with gourmet salads and dressings, desserts and cakes.

Apart from using high-quality ingredients, ideally sourced from regional producers, we always ensure when buying our produce that we use products with ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE, SLOW-BSAKING and MSC certificates inasmuch possible.

We also aim to do without any convenience products with preservatives and flavour enhancers and prefer to rely on the know-how and experience of our chefs, who prepare and taste the dishes for our guests with lots of craftsmanship and passion in a traditional manner.

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