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FPS VEGAN - 100% Natural


Since February 2015, we have offered for the first time a newly developed vegan food line called 100% Natural, naturally FPS homemade.

At least twice a month, we now replace the vegetarian dishes with creative and varied vegan dishes as fully fledged meals. Vegan dishes can be designed in a colourful and varied manner by using fresh spices and tasty alternatives to meat, such as soya or tofu.

When choosing the dishes, we sought inspiration from Asian and Indian cuisine, as a lot of exotic spices and fresh herbs are used for cooking in those regions. In addition, you can also find some classic dishes, such as goulash on a tofu basis with fresh vegetables, fruity tomato sauce and potatoes.

We have labelled the dishes on the menu with the following logo:

 Logo FPS 100 Prozent Natural Vegan
A tasty main course without animal products? No problem! Try it out and be surprised! We look forward to hearing back from you.