Client: Barbarella
Occasion: German premiere „Night at the museum“
Event: Evening event
Location: Frankfurt
Guests: 500

Twentieth Century Fox invited to the Germany premiere of Night at the Museum in Frankfurt. "The first premiere of a mega film in Frankfurt am Main (...). The party guests (enjoyed themselves) after De La Tour's speech "a party like this we don’t have very often in Frankfurt but we should have it more often in the future". On the stage of the music channel MTV musicians and DJs cavort, to music Exuberant dancing around an "American aurochs elephant". In between show cases with fossilized bones and eggs others find a space to chat. Bodo Kirchhoff's son brings his father a beer, Liz Baffoe ("Lindenstraße") praised the film as being "enchanting", Shawn Levy still is giving cheerful interviews, Sonya Kraus gets her picture taken in a deep low-cut dress. And even if the Triceratops behind her would still be alive we wouldn’t have to worry about her: the also called "three-horned" dinosaur was a herbivore." (FAZ).