In 2014 a culinary expansion of the production areas at the head office in Frankfurt-Fechenheim was carried out. When planning the building, maximum efficiency and ergonomics, state-of-the-art findings regarding food hygiene, storage and processing as well as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aspects were taken into account and integrated in the technical and structural planning from the very outset.

The new production areas have since set new standards as regards quality, innovation and sustainability. On a total of 4,000 sqm, a team of 20 fresh food experts produce up to 10,000 dishes every day in close collaboration with a perfectly rehearsed logistics team, which ensures both to-the-minute delivery of the ingredients and basic products as well as immediate delivery of the freshly prepared dishes.

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Our head/ executive chef is Sebastien Knoll who comes from Alsace and is a managing partner of the company. The organizing genius is boss over 30 highly motivated, full-time employees and also has a pool of about 50 top chefs who operate freelance and are available at business peaks. His credo to achieve the best possible implementation of your individually planned event is also for each of its employees lived banality and you can always feel it throughout our products.

The menu-planning for you the host at the center of attention of your guests is always flexible, competent and in consideration of current food trends, so you can enjoy your event relaxed, whatsoever.