Our Catering System

The catering in day care centers for students and children is possible with different catering systems.
Often the outside conditions such as staffing, premises or the size of the facility play a decisive role in choosing the catering system. Not everywhere is enough space for a large kitchen or the financial resources for adequate home economics staff lacks. We offer a balanced and full-fledged nutrition - with all of our systems.

Cook & Serve

In this system we deliver hot meals. All dishes are freshly prepared only a short time before the delivery and will be delivered in special thermal containers to the customer as soon as possible. Alone the customer takes care of the serving of food.

Cook & Chill

We provide the main dishes chilled. These are freshly prepared, cooled to 3 degrees and stored at 0 to 3 degrees. At the time of demand the food is regenerated by the customer in a fan oven or in a so-called convection oven and served directly afterwards. The advantage of this system is the better preservation of the nutrients by the rapid cooling and reduced holding times.


Here we take care of the entire operation on our own account and with our own staff. The customer has no costs and carries no risk. Depending on the local situation it is also possible when using this system to supplement the offer with breakfast or with a kiosk.

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